Covid-19 Protocols and Precautions

In order to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 we have implemented these measures:

The biggest way we could minimize risk is to reduce all occupancy to one practitioner and their client(s) at any one time even though the maximum occupancy would allow us 6-8 people we have decided to reduce that to 2 or 3.

Please note that while many measures are in place to reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19 we cannot 100% guarantee that there is no accidental exposure.  IF you are in a high risk category please let us know and we can find an appointment time that is positioned in the beginning of the day or work week, just to add that extra layer of precaution. 

  • Masking recommnedations will be based on CDC guidelines and vary now with community transmission levels.
  • The waiting area can accommodate with 6ft of social distancing with  one person waiting and another finishing scheduling/ payment at the front desk.   You can also wait in your car and text your practitioner when you arrive.(see confirmation email for specific practitioner contact number.)
  • Depending on individual risk to COVID-19, personal comfort, and/or clinical necessity the mask may be removed by the client during treatment, unless the practitioner determines otherwise.
  • The bathroom is open for use and will be sanitized between appointments.
  • All surfaces touched will be disinfected between clients.   And as usual linens are changed and treatment surfaces are disinfected.